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Patient Participation Group

If you would like to join our patient group, we would be happy with your contribution.

Your contribution would be valued and appreciated in helping us to help you:


 Thursday 16th June 2022


Please see below previous minutes:

PPG minutes JAN 2020

So, what is involved?

Meetings and Surveys

As representatives of our patient population your opinions would be helpful in identifying areas of improvement within the Practice as well as influencing the development of local healthcare services. We would gather this information by inviting you to attend meetings as well as participate in online surveys up to four times a year. Occasionally, we may contact you for your opinion on certain proposed changes.

Topical Educational Events

We may offer topical educational events, if members would like us to.

Reporting Back

We will publish on our website a report of Patient Group Activity and subsequent achievements.

If you would like to become a member of the Patient Group, please ask at reception for a form, alternativley you can join via this website.

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