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Posture tips for laptop users

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Laptops allow us to be able to work more flexibly, but they have been blamed for causing back, neck and shoulder problems.

The features that make laptops very portable, such as a screen attached to the keyboard, are the same features that make it difficult for people to adopt correct posture when using them.

Here are some ways you can make your laptop safer and more comfortable to use:

  • use a separate keyboard and mouse so the laptop can be put on a stand and the screen opened at eye level
  • use your laptop on a stable base where there is support for your arms, and not on your lap
  • take regular breaks. If you're moving, there's a lot less stress on your muscles and joints
  • sit properly with lower back support, and ensure other desk equipment is within reach
  • get into good habits before the aching starts. Neck, shoulder and back problems gradually build up over time

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